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A free online workshop on everything you need to build fullstack GraphQL apps with Hasura, Next.js, and Serverless. Start from zero and complete a tweet scheduling app.

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Amazing lessons that will boost your knowledge in GraphQL

  • Business logic that is driven by 3factor app architecture to solve real-life problems and goes beyond basic CRUD stuff
  • Social authentication to connect your user’s Twitter account with your app
  • Actions and Serverless to extend your GraphQL API with simple abstraction flows
  • Schedule tweets to go out in the future with the ability to cancel them if you change your mind
  • Access Control to manage permissions for your team to use the same app to schedule tweets.
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Things you will encounter in this workshop

Why GraphQL, Hasura and Serverless?

  • Declaratively fetch the right amount of data your UI needs. With GraphQL, your user's requirements are directly translated to queries with no over-fetching or under-fetching
  • Strict types in GraphQL drastically reduces the amount of errors that make it to your production environment
  • Open source tools like Hasura transform your database into an API of data source. You can focus on writing custom business logic and less CRUD stuff
  • Integrate with any frontend library you are familiar with, so you do NOT have to learn an entirely new ecosystem to use GraphQL
  • Extend GraphQL with microservices or serverless to accomplish one-off tasks like handling payment, sending emails, sending tweets.
  • Operational convenience of using serverless functions that give you scalability out of the box.
Rajoshi Ghosh

Rajoshi Ghosh

Co-founder Hasura

Christian is building THE course of the future! The tooling in the GraphQL & Serverless space has continuously evolved and today it is possible to build powerful apps that are truly serverless!

Prosper Otemuyiwa

Prosper Otemuyiwa

Co-founder and CTO at Eden

The power of GraphQL is evident in modern applications. Christian outdid himself here by providing the missing manual in leveraging GraphQL with Serverless. I highly recommend for both beginners and experienced developers.